GBI To Print Plugin

GBI To Print Plugin

Insert in the pages or post a button to print the contents of a div using the id or class. It can be used on every page or post. It can also be used with a shortcode in individual pages or post.

== Description ==

With gbitoprint you can print the contents of a div or any html element indicating only the id or class of the div. It can be used for all pages, for all post or also using a shortcode. Once configured properly you will find at the end of the post or page a button with the text Print. Clicking opens a window with the content to be printed. It has been tested in firefox and chrome.

You can use it so that your users have an easy way to print your posts or pages, to print discount coupons, texts generated by you … practically for any matter that you need to print your posts or pages.

Once installed and activated go to Settings -> GBI To Print Settings

Indicate in the box the *id (do not forget to put a # before) or class (precided by.*)

You can also select to appear in all posts or all pages (or both).

Save the changes and check the operation. If a blank page appears you return to the settings and verify that the name you entered of the class or id is correct.

To know what id or class you should put (depends on the theme of wordpress), you can use the google or firefox inspector.

To use the shorcode enter [fusion_builder_container hundred_percent=”yes” overflow=”visible”][fusion_builder_row][fusion_builder_column type=”1_1″ background_position=”left top” background_color=”” border_size=”” border_color=”” border_style=”solid” spacing=”yes” background_image=”” background_repeat=”no-repeat” padding=”” margin_top=”0px” margin_bottom=”0px” class=”” id=”” animation_type=”” animation_speed=”0.3″ animation_direction=”left” hide_on_mobile=”no” center_content=”no” min_height=”none”][[gbitoprint div=”id / class”]] in the post or page you want the button to appear. Remember to put a. In front of the class or a # in front of the id.

Please, any bug or defect that you find let me know and I will improve the plugin in future versions.

If you want to collaborate or you have suggestions write me to my email.

Thank you very much for installing my plugin.

P.S. Translated with Google, forgive the errors.

If you like, you can make a donation at:

You can see its use by clicking on the following button:

[gbitoprint div=”#content”][/fusion_builder_column][/fusion_builder_row][/fusion_builder_container]